Recipe File: Super Simple Turkey Stock

Finally finishing up all of your Thanksgiving leftovers? Well, don’t toss that carcass – you’re not done yet! Emily Cavanaugh-Spain, San Juan Islander and doyenne of The Wanderlust Whisk shares one of the easiest recipes for turkey stock we’ve seen.

Emily Turkey Stock 1

So I woke up this morning with congestion, a headache and a barely there voice. It seems that my son bestowed his cold onto me via coughing… into my mouth. Motherhood!

With the weather at barely 30º I needed to share something simple and delicious with you that isn’t labor intensive because frankly my body just isn’t capable of doing much of anything else today.

We happened to save our turkey carcass and with the majority of the leftovers having already been devoured, I figured today would be a good day to make some turkey stock. The most intensive part is roughly chopping vegetables and peeling that funky paper-like skin off of the garlic.
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Noxious Weed Alert: Tansy Ragwort

This summer has seen Tansy Ragwort exploding all over the place, so here’s a reminder on controlling this stubborn invasive.

The Perennial Post

by Kate Yturri, Judy Winer and Gwen Stamm, MG Class of 2013

Tansy Ragwort Img 1 - Edit
Tansy ragwort (Senecio jacobaea) is a winter annual, biennial, or short-lived perennial that can grow up to 6 feet tall. It is easily recognized by its bright yellow flower heads, with each flower bearing about 13 petals (ray florets), and by its soft, deeply lobed leaves. It is easy to spot when it is in bloom around this time of year. You can also see smaller plants setting up for next year’s bloom as seen in the photo below.

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A Guide to Mulches

mulch heartOn the heels of our recent anti-cardboard campaign comes a handy Guide to Mulches, compiled by our fellow Master Gardeners of Spokane County. The chart compares the pros and cons of a variety of easy-to-find mulches, noting which are best suited for use around trees, vegetables, flower beds, and pathways, and provides simple instructions for applying and maintaining your mulch.

A printable pdf version of the guide will be permanently available on our Plans for Your Garden page, but in the meantime, just click the link below:

Guide to Mulches