About San Juan County Master Gardeners

The Master Gardener Foundation of San Juan County, WA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

Statement of Purpose:

    The purpose of the WSU Extension Master Gardener program is to provide public education in gardening and environmental stewardship generated from research-based information by WSU Extension and other university systems. Volunteers are trained by WSU faculty and staff to be community educators about issues of importance in their local communities such as enhancing natural resources, sustaining vibrant communities, and improving the health and wellness of Washington residents.

Our 2013 year-end financials are available for your edification:

MGF FY2013 Balance Sheet

MGF FY2013 P&L by Class

MGF FY2013 Profit & Loss Statement

MGF FY2013 Budget vs. Actual

Our Approved Budget for FY2014 is here.

San Juan County Master Gardener Foundation Board:

Jody Burns

Pegi Groundwater

Mary Carlson


Sylvia McKenney
Nancy Forker
Kim Galton
Glenda Pugerude
Julia Turney
Dot Vandaveer


Kris Bayas, Volunteer Coordinator
SJC Master Gardeners
221 Weber Way, Suite LL
Friday Harbor, WA 98250


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