Farmtastic at the Fair!

a note from Linda Thompson and the San Juan County Master Gardeners 2014 Fair Committee

2014 SJC Fair posterThe Fair committee is pleased to report that all plans are moving ahead and we should have another good year in our new location, front and center to the fair entrance. Volunteer signup sheets have been available on line, and most slots are filled for the information table. This table is where fairgoers drop by and ask out-of-the-blue questions about their flowers, their tomatoes, their boxwood hedge that won’t box. This information table is a great venue for furthering our educational mission, and for introducing the Master Gardener program to the uninitiated public. (And for you fairgoers who are interesting in joining our ranks, there will be information and a sign-up sheet for the 2015 Master Gardener Training Course. — Ed.).

For our volunteers: Fair set up dates are on Monday and Tuesday, August 11th and 12th. This is a time when many hands make for quick work — banners to hang, displays to set up, scarecrows to place. This work will begin around 9 a.m. on those days and continue until the work is done, hence many hands?

Stay tuned for more news as August comes closer.

For more info on the the San Juan County Fair, visit


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