Spring Gardening Workshop Speaker Restores San Juan Wildflowers

by Kate Yturri, 2014 Workshop Coordinator

Satin FlowerOver several years, the San Juan County Land Bank has been working to recover and restore Garry oak and prairie habitats on their preserves in the islands. To date the majority of the work has been to manually remove Douglas firs, other woody species and invasive plants from these once open habitats. Dr. Eliza Habegger now will expand their efforts by planting locally sourced native grasses and wildflowers in these habitats on their preserves.

Dr. Eliza Habegger’s earliest memories include grazing in her grandparents’ vegetable garden on Waldron Island and learning the names of the wild plants in the woods nearby. She has applied her lifelong love of plants to a career stewarding native plants and habitats. With a bachelor’s degree in botany from Cornell University, she has worked at the New York Botanical Garden, The Nature Conservancy, and, for the past 10 years, the San Juan County Land Bank.

Eliza's on the job!

Eliza’s on the job!

Dr. Habeggar’s presentation, “Restoring San Juan Wildflowers”, will introduce many little-known and delightful local wildflowers, discuss their propagation, and explore ways that gardeners can help restore our unique island flora.

Join us for our 2014 Spring Gardening Workshop, Saturday, April 26 in Friday Harbor! For a complete schedule and to register, go to our page at Brown Paper Tickets.

Read more about this year’s workshop here.


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