SJI MGs Getting Ready for 2014 Farmers Market

a quick note from Marilyn Kline, SJI Master Gardeners Farmers Market Coordinator

SJI 2014 FM image 2
Hello, San Juan Island Master Gardeners,

I hope you’ll be happy to hear that the farmers market is starting soon! April 12th will be our first market.

Linked below are this season’s FM Clinic sign-up sheets (April is separate) so maybe you can quickly look them over, check your calendar and be ready to sign up. I will also have the lists with me at the April MG Monthly Meeting on Wednesday, April 9th.

2014 SJI Farmers’ Market April Sign-up

2014 SJI Farmers’ Market Sign-up Sheet, May-Sept

There will be a Farmers Market Training at the extension office in Friday Harbor after the April 9th Monthly Meeting, so I hope those of you who were unable to attend in February will plan to come.

Yes, spring is coming and there is LOTS going on!

To sign up, email Marilyn at rkmk -at- rockisland dot com


4 thoughts on “SJI MGs Getting Ready for 2014 Farmers Market

  1. The first Diagnostic clinic will be April 17th 9-11. Somehow this message has not gotten out. What do I need to do so the Perennial Post can post this date. The next Diagnostic clinic will be May 1. Again at the community room at the extention community room 9-11. If you need a ride please let me know. Thanks Ervine

    • Ervine, blog posts are written by whomever is submitting them to be posted. If you’ve got something written and ready to go, send it to Dolly at madameleiker @ gmail dot com.

    • I’ve noticed that the Diagnostic Clinics are listed on the “Calendar of Events” page. Click on the three horizontal bars at the top far left of the page to see this category option.

  2. Thanks Dolly, and thanks to those of you who signed up yesterday during the NPS. The sign-up sheet is always changing so e-mail me with your date preferences while they’re still available and I’ll send you a return conformation. You’ll be able to see the updated sign-up sheet at the MG Monthly Meeting on April 9th. Thanks, Marilyn

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