Press and Perennials on San Juan Island

an invitation from Alice Deane, WSU Master Gardener-San Juan County

Mark your calendar for two fun Fall master gardener events: Sunday Oct. 6 for our annual Apple Cider Pressing Party, and Saturday Oct. 12 for perennial division and plant swap.

Vintage apple harvest 1The cider pressing is a great family event, and all master gardeners, friends and family are invited to come to the demo garden at 12 noon, help with the pressing and take home delicious cider to enjoy.

If you are interested, there are a couple of things you can do to participate. First, start scouting around for apples. There are many trees around the islands that have apples just waiting to be claimed. Ask your neighbors, find out if trees on public property are available for picking, pick from your own yard — you get the drift. If you need a place to stash apples after they are picked, you can bring them to the demo garden until the pressing. Then start collecting bottles for the cider. (I find that the plastic juice bottles that hold around 3 liters are a good size, and it’s easy to freeze cider in them for use later. )

I hope you can come press with us and bring the spouses, kids and house guests. It’s really a blast!
Vintage TulipThe perennial division is a yearly project which nets the bulk of ornamentals we sell at the Spring Plant Sale. It’s a good time to divide those crowded shrubs, and also an opportunity to trade with other master gardeners. Tell your friends about it, they no doubt have perennials that need division too. We’ll meet at the demo garden at around 10 a.m. on the 12th, and go till we run out of plants and/or energy. Pots and soil will be provided. Your duties on this one are to let me know if you need pots, around how many and what sizes. So look around your yard and start to decide what needs to be cleared out and what you would like to add to your landscape.

If you need more information and have questions feel free to contact me at tedalicedeane @ or give me a call. Those of you who have participated in these events in the past know what fun we have.

Hope to see you there this year!


One thought on “Press and Perennials on San Juan Island

  1. Thanks Dolly for getting the information out. I’ll send follow up broadcasts before the events. I hope you can come too, and most of all, I hope it doesn’t rain! Alice

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