Harvest Schedule & Small Farm Map

from the WSU Small Farms Team

Want to know what’s in season and which farms grow it? Want to do some canning but aren’t sure what’s available? Check out these links from the WSU Small Farms Team:
Harvest Schedule for Puget Sound
Farm Locator for San Juan County
Farm Locator for Washington State

tacuinumviennalge (harvest season)

Why Buy Direct from Local Farmers?

People are often unaware of the value of local agricultural products (produce, dairy, meat, fiber, flowers, nursery plants, etc.). As our country developed, most people lost their connection with the land and the food it produces.

The number of US farms has significantly decreased while the land in production has remained about the same. Corporate agribusiness manufactures and markets over 95% of the food in the United States. These multinational corporations only rarely connect with local communities.

Local farming provides more than fresh, safe food and fiber. Preserving local farmland and farmers benefits:

  • Economic Diversity. Diversified local economies are less susceptible to outside events (e.g. energy costs).
  • Food Security. Local agriculture ensures sustainable production of and access to fresh, safe, food.
  • Heritage and Culture. Local farming connects us with our heritage and to the earth and landscape in which we live.
  • Economic Development. Local farms provide jobs and keep more of your food dollars in the local economy.
  • Preservation of Landscapes. Agricultural lands provide productive green spaces and maintain a more rural aesthetic character.
  • Quality of Life. Farmland affords scenic relief from more developed landscapes and contributes to our sense of place.
  • Tourism. Local farms showcase how food and other products are produced to visitors and urban residents alike.
  • Reduced Transportation and Energy Costs. Most food travels hundreds of miles to market which impacts the environment and the economy. Do you know where your food comes from?
  • The Environment. Thousands of acres of farmland promote groundwater recharge and flood control since it stores rainfall and slows runoff.
  • Habitat. Farms often provide a buffer for urban areas and provide wildlife habitat.

What Can You Do? Buy local farm products — and ask grocery stores and restaurants to stock your favorite local farm products. For more information about local farming in Washington State, and a complete list of farms and farmers’ markets, visit the WSU Small Farms Team.

Ralph Wheelock's farm, ca. 1822, by Francis Alexander

Ralph Wheelock’s Farm, ca. 1822, by Francis Alexander


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