2013 Native Plant Sale: Mission Accomplished

2013 NPS Bundling (12) 2013 NPS Bundling (16) 2013 NPS Bundling (30)

Our 2013 Native Plant Sale proved fruitful indeed:  We received a total of 109 orders county-wide (more orders than ever before), and our net income increased by a healthy 13 percent over last year. The Native Plant Sale is the most important annual fundraiser for San Juan County Master Gardeners, allowing us the funds to provide a free and valuable public service through our diagnostic clinics, information stations at the farmers markets and the county fair, workshops and lectures, site visits, and a variety of independent projects that our MGs take on throughout the year.

But y’know, for us, the most important element of our Native Plant Sale may just be Bundling Day — the one day a year we can all get together in a giant, unheated room and geek out over native plants in a way only our fellow Master Gardeners can truly understand. Here we are, hard at work the day before this year’s sale:

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Pat yourselves on the backs, kids!  Your industry has paid off handsomely.

All photos c. Pat Reveles


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