What’s Up with Us at the Fair

by Linda Thompson, SJC MG Fair Committee

SJC-Fair-logoYour friendly SJC Master Gardener 2013 Fair Committee wants you to know about the exciting changes that are planned for this year’s “Footloose at the Fair”.  Our committee started its work in early January, and by some magical intervention of the gardening gods was given the opportunity to snap up prime Fair real estate for our information station.  What a presence we will have!  What we have planned for you and our islands community!  You are all invited to help, so save the dates:  August 12 & 13 for set up; Wed. August 14 – Saturday August 17 for the Fair, with volunteers needed to help set up demos, work shifts at the information table, and much more; and August 18 for clean up.  As we recently learned at the Spring Plant Sale here on San Juan, “many hands make for light work.”

First off, location, location, did I say “LOCATION”?  We have the most visible spot on the entire fairgrounds.  As you enter the fairgrounds, we’ll be along the main entrance to the Exhibition Building (just outside the entrance to the Flower Hall and almost to the main doors).  To take advantage of this prime real estate, we are working with Cattle point Rock & Top Soil, Devon Foss, John Stamey and others to create a magnificent entry point to the Master Gardeners area, and to welcome all comers to this year’s fair.

Dani H Karen K Kathleen Z
(Dani, Karen & Kathleen tidying up and prepping our spot.  Photos by Pat Reveles.)

Once our visitors are lured in via the grand entrance, the welcoming banners, the decked out entrances to the Flower and Vegetable Halls, we will dazzle them with garden education-supporting demonstrations throughout the Fair run.  All of the demonstrations will be conducted — are you ready? – by us.  Enough of you volunteered your talents and your time to create a multidimensional array of offerings from creating a garden fresh salad (and eating it) to composting to bamboo in the landscape to flower arranging from the garden to bugs, good and bad, to garden stories for children to deer resistant plants and more.  Demos will run hourly from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Our area will be decorated with “shoes” in keeping the “footloose” theme.  Think ruby slippers planted with sedums, moss slippers planted with violets, beloved crocs with waterholes suspending happy grasses.  You can be part of the preparation for these imaginative decorations by joining a work party on your island.  San Juan will meet at the demo garden on July 10 at 12:30.  Lopez & Orcas may set up their own “footloose” parties, details to be announced. Thanks to SJ’s Marty Ahart for bags and bags of shoes.  (If other islands need shoes, have we got shoes for you!)

(Neat as a pin and ready to party.  Bring your shoes!  Photo by Pat Reveles.)

And last, but not least, any MG who wishes to is invited to write a pithy, biographical statement about why you are a MG, what your passion in the dirt is, your history as a MG – you get the point.  Using the island maps we have that pinpoint where our many members live and garden, we would like to attach these statements to your dot on the map.  If you are willing to share a bit of yourself with others, please email brief bios to lktducks @ gmail.com (Linda Thompson)  The idea is to further integrate ourselves and our mission into the islands’ community.

Stay tuned to your blog for updates as the fair dates approach.


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