This Month in the Garden: April

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Spring is here at last!  We smile with relief at the return of longer days, at the signs of new life sprouting up around us, and breathe in the sweet fresh air of the season. Suddenly our garden chores seem less chore-like.


For the lawn:

  • Fertilize the lawn in late April, using a 3-1-2 ratio slow-release or natural organic formulation.
  • Mow regularly.
  • Recycle grass clippings on to the lawn (“grasscycling”).

In the garden:

  • Plant annual seeds of asters, cosmos, marigolds, zinnias.
  • Take stored fuchsias and geraniums outdoors; cover if frost returns.
  • Finish garden cleanup and fertilizing.
  • Thin direct-seeded crops as they sprout.
  • Sow carrots and parsnips
  • Late in the month, plant squash, zucchini, pumpkins and cucumber seeds indoors.
  • Don’t forget to start your garden log!

2 thoughts on “This Month in the Garden: April

  1. Love the “to do” list for April :) And thank you for reminding me to start a Garden Log! A Garden Log is so important for remembering all those important moments in your garden like when the slugs came out last year, when the Pears ripened and the raccoon’s came and eat them all…pick before this date or before fully ripe, the last planting of beans didn’t make it (when was that date)…crop rotation-remembering what was where isn’t as easy as it was in my 20’s… :) Thanks for the great garden tips!
    Enjoying the Springs Days in the garden, Tia

    • Very true — especially about the crop rotations! I misplaced my little map for 2013 (wrote it on a scrap and never transferred it to my log), and now I’m sitting here with my seed packets, scratching my head — how did I end up with so many seeds? What was I thinking? So I’m walking back through last year’s notes to try and read my own mind! :-D

      The log is also great for tracking our sometimes unusual weather patterns. This year is already much drier than last, similar to 2006 by my notes, which means I can probably put out zucchini & tomatoes this year.


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